Thursday, May 14, 2009

oops I forgot something!!!

Today is the reveal day for the first daring COOKS challenge- that's right daring cooks a ummmmm subdivision of Daring Baker's. I am feeling bad that I am unable to do it as I have several good reasons. Ready for them? okay then here we go, My mom had her OTHER hip surgery and I was caring for her and you know how she hates cooking in her house as she feels it is to messy!!!!! Then i came home from caring for her and got horrible sick myself and THEN my kid wakes up with a fever of 103 so needless to say (but I already said it so is it really needless?) I was unable to participate this month. :( Go check out and be sure to check the bloggroll for great people that got their work done!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I am so excited right now! I was just published over at'>'/>
To see my recipe for yummy fried pickles you can go straight to here;

I am always so excited when someone likes something that I have made. I currently am testing lots of wonderful recipes as I have a rather large family all in town for an ENTIRE MONTH! I am always fearful when I am cooking for people that they will not like my cooking but so far no one has been poisoned so all is good.