Friday, December 26, 2008

ham and beans with a side of self annoyance

It is the day after christmas. You know what that means? SALESSSSSSSS!!!!!! I hate living in the middle of nowhere as there is no shopping to be had, on the other hand I have no extra money to throw away so yayyyyy for living in the middle of nowhere. I seem top be of two minds on this. :) I was planning to hit the sales today so I preplanned. I made a huge pot of beans with a lovely ham bone in it. I crockpotted it and let it simmer away now here is where my story gets sad. I put it in a bowl to pop in the fridge I set it on the stove to cool for 30 minutes and then ... I forgot about it. I got up this morning after a night filled with NyQuil and there it was sitting on the stove. :( ARGGGGGGGGG I wasted a ham bone!!!!! Oh I was so mad a myself. This flu seems to really have me down. Hubby is a good guy and a great dad but he wouldn't notice something like that so alas to the trash it goes.

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