Friday, September 26, 2008

better late then never - Bacon Salt!

Well it has been everywhere in the blogosphere but here in the middle of nowhere bacon salt is hard to find. Today I achieved greatness and found it!!!! I despise the faux taste of hickory so I went with peppered and original flavors and decided to do a taste test. My favorite way to use bacon is also the most pedestrian as I love it on a baked potato with cheese. Yummmm. To make sure I could taste the difference I did half with peppered and half with original. Considering that this is vegan and kosher I was surprised that it was so close. I am not a meat lover but I am a bacon lover so this is a nice way to get the flavor without the fat. I vote 2 thumbs up! Well, maybe a thumb and a half but still very good.

Baked potato
1 potato baked till soft with a crispy outside
Way more cheese then my cardiologist recommends
Bacon salt
Devore and enjoy lustfully.
Tomorrow I am thinking strawberry ice cream come and see the yumminess in action!

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