Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Last of summer tomatoes

I went to my local dairy the other day and the little old man that grows tomatoes was selling the less then pretty ones for 50 cents a lb. Score baby! Tomatoes are about 3.00 a lb so this was a great deal I told him I would take all he had. It wasn’t till I got home I saw He threw in some perfect ones too. I thought that was very nice and a great example of the niceness of knowing your local farmer(s). So then I had over 10 lbs of tomatoes to use up and fast. I took the perfect ones and made blt’s for dinner and the kids love tomatoes cut up with ranch so I made them that and they ate it so fast and hubby said that is just how he was as a kid. But even after all that I still had about 10 lbs of tomatoes so decided to roast them for this winter for stews and chili. I chopped them up and put them on a huge industrial size cookie sheet. I kept it simple so that I could use them for any number of recipes, just salt and a smidge of oil. I baked them in a 350 oven for about an hour and half. They were so pretty I almost forgot I hate tomatoes! I was going to can them but I was feeling lazy and decided to freeze them instead. I was reading and saw they had an article on how easy it was so the decision was easy. They look so bright I kind of wanted to make stew now but decided to wait until winter when tomatoes have gotten that plastic mealy look to them.

Roasting Tomatoes
Whatever tomatoes you have cleaned and chopped
Spices – you can use fresh basil or Italian spices or just salt
A little oil to drizzle over non flavor like a corn or a nice olive oil
Oven at 350 degrees for about 1 to 2 hrs depending on how many tomatoes you have
Let cool and pack in freezer safe containers. That is it!

An easy peasy highly versatile method you can adapt however you want.

Come on fall I am ready!

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