Saturday, September 27, 2008

Welcome to the crazy house!

Well we have a new family member that I am very excited about. This tiny kitten was outside hubby’s office window hollering for food and looking dirty. The field cat had her babies and this little lovely was lost. We had no why to find the mommy as she was nowhere to be seen and little bit was starving he called me and I rushed to get the little bugger. I have never had a kitty this small she appears to get lost her first time out alone as she is weaned and healthy. My son named her snickelfritz. That is what my daddy called me when I was a little girl and also the name of the cat on the big comfy couch. She is super sweet and was easy to litter box train. She even gets along with the choco lab and the kids so she is here to stay! If she was mean to the kids or bothered my son’s asthma she would have to go to the pound and I didn’t want that to happen and so it has been 3 days and not even a sniffle so she is in the clear to stay!
By the way, I love how she is almost the same color as the chair- you better look before you sit! :)


ara133photography said...

Oh my gosh, snickelfritz is sooooooo cute!! congratulations!! :)

luv 2 cook said...

Thank you so much. Your photos are so lovely, i will have to come to see all in your etsy shop.