Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bunny Egg Molds

I ordered a set of egg molds about 2 months ago from Japan and after impatiently waiting they finally arrived! They are so cute! My kids fight over which shape they will get. The favorite appears to be the bunny as it looks like Miffy. I got them for my sons’ lunch when he takes it to school but sadly he likes the school hot lunch better! He loves my lunches so I don’t know why he changed to wanting a hot lunch but…. I guess it is ok. I was making shaped sandwiches and making a bento style so it was easier for him to eat but I guess he likes it hot and sometimes they get ice cream so therefore my lunch full of love can’t compete. They still love the eggs and it is always a treat when they are shaped. The box snaps shut to form the shape tightly. If you are thinking if getting these somewhere please note that the star and heart are the hardest shape to make and molds somewhat egg shaped like car or bunny are easier and look great!

To make a molded egg;
Hard boil the eggs
I start with cool water and the eggs in the pot then when it starts boiling right away turn off stove, tightly cover and let sit for 15 min.
Then while still hot shell the eggs and put in mold.
Put the molds in cold water for 10 minutes and then they are done and ready to demold. They will hold the shape once out of mold.
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