Monday, November 24, 2008

Company's coming!!!!!

Oh the fear I feel as my in laws are about to descend. My MIL and FIL lives across the street so I see them all the time but all my hubby's brothers with wives and kids are coming next week. They will be here for about 3 days and so that is 20 people for 3 days cooking! I am a bit nervous as several of them REALLY hate me but the rest like me and are fine so I hope all goes well. We don't celebrate holidays so we don't plan thanksgiving but everybody is off work so here they come. I technically invited one person with wife to come and then it sorta snowballed. I am making a turkey on Fri so that we can eat turkey sandwiches for the next couple of days.

My MIL picked the turkey out it is a 25 lb monster that just barely fits in the fridge to thaw! So here is the menu-


Breakfast overnight french toast with awesome bacon from my sweet butcher

lunch will probably be light with snacks set out as

dinner is Butter basted Turkey with cranberry sauce, stuffing, brussel sprouts if I can find some, salad and creme brulee for dessert. Oh I forgot rolls and I think that is it but I may add to it as I tend to over think things

Breakfast Homemade cinnamon rolls and a cheese ham quiche in case they need a non sugar option - sometimes I forget I am diabetic, but man are these good

lunch Left over turkey in sandwiches and also some potato salad just to add a new taste

dinner is my all day pasta sauce with garlic bread made with crusty french bread that if I have time I will bake if I don't have time to make bread then hello supermarket bakery. I am debating the dessert with this so if you have an idea drop me a line and let me know.

I think I have everything I need as the stores are scary right now. I went to the big box store and parked so far I almost should walk from home, ok not quite but nearly!


Breakfast people can do as they wish

lunch will most likely be at either rib crib, several peoples fav place, or Goldie's the makers of AWSOME burgers.

dinner BYE BYE drive safe see you soon

So it shouldn't be to bad as long as I prep well as several things need to be ready to go in advance ie creme brule and cinnamon rolls and so as long as I don't go insane all will be well.

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James said...

That sounds like a mammoth cook off. Hope it goes well!