Friday, November 21, 2008

New Item of the Week - Pomegranate

Yes, pomegranate, I know everyone else on the planet has eaten this for a long time but I have never had the"real" fruit. I have had the juice and love it but never had I actually had a seed. I decided this week I deserved a treat so I went for it. It very messy to cut as the juice drips out onto the counter but ohh so pretty. It was like rubies twinkling at me as I went to try a berry. I did like it but ummm it is ALL seed. I read some people spit the seed out and some people swallow them so I tried both. Spitting out each seed makes it a long process however it is tastier. Eating the seed is faster but crunchy and that is an odd texture. I am unsure how I would cook with them as I didn't care for the crunchiness. I think it would be a perfect tv time snack as it is mindless but takes time so perfect instead of a bag of chips (don't judge me - potatoes are good for you). So no recipe as I saw a recipe using them in soup and that sounds disgusting and the taste doesn't seem to me to match anything else. I am glad I tried it but at 2.50 each I doubt I will buy it on a regular basis.

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