Saturday, November 22, 2008

this is a true story

Son: "Where do chickens come from?"
Mom: "they hatch from eggs"
Son: "so eggs are BABY CHICKENS!!!!" said with great horror
Mom: "umm kind of yes they are" said very nervously
Son: "Well that is grossss
Mom: " Yes but the chicks never grow into babies so they never are hurt
Son: Well they sure are DEEELIcous" he said his eyes wide

This happened a few days ago and I was nervous wondering if this was the day he says "no more meat". I also didn't want him to feel that it is bad to eat meat as I want him open to idea as he is young and don't want him to feel it is mean if he likes to eat meat. He now seems obsessed knowing which animals come from eggs and which are live born. He was wondering what tiger eggs would look like. :) There is no recipe today just the thought that kids are by far the funniest animal there is.

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