Monday, November 10, 2008


Well I will be gone for about two weeks with no posting. Mommie Dearest is getting her hips replaced and I am going to help her out. I will be leaving the hubby alone with the children for 4 whole days!!!! I have never ever ever done this before so I am unsure who is more nervous, hubby or I. I am getting ready to go ie laundry, groceries etc so I have no time for cooking blog worthy posts. I hope she will like my cooking, I am a little worried but we shall see how things go. I anticipate making soups and warm comfort food that is low fat. I put a pound of butter in everything so hopefully I will do ok.

I did see this yummy soup on and it looks so yummy I figured I would just link to it as her pictures are always amazing.

have a great week - see you soon :)

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