Saturday, November 8, 2008

Restaurant Of The Week

Well for a long time (see previous posts) I have been a non meat eater. I had someone ask me "what type of vegetarian are you?" I replied "the kind that like bacon". So I decided that it is to complicated to prepare multi meals or find restaurants that have tasty veggie sides here in the mid west so I decided to bite the bullet or the meat as it is. :) (Man, I kill me) Anyway, Mike if you are reading this I hope you thought my answer was funny because that was what I was shooting for. I am now an eater of anything. It is nice as it opens my options when eating out but at home I am mainly still a non meat girl. So as I voyage into the world of meat I had BBQ today. I mainly ate potato wedges,onion rings and some coleslaw but I also had some ribs. I took no pictures but we ate at a place called J&l's BBQ in Pryor,OK. Hubby also had some pork that is all it is called "pork" so I have no clue what part of the pig it came from but he seemed to like it. Please notice there were no options like salad and even the baked beans were full of meat! So for a vegan ummm there is soda. For the vegetarian I think the potato and onion rings are ok but for a meat eater this place was heaven. My hubby and in laws kept sniffing the air and saying ahhhhh! I found this very funny. I also should mention that it is CHEAP! So for my restaurant review of places I go I say 1 star for niceness of place 3 stars for yummyness and 5 star (my highest rating) for price.

So I just invented the rating system it goes from 0 for dirty or gross for whatever reason I explain to 5 Stars for super awesome. I may change this as I go mainly because I doubt anyone is going to care how I rate restaurants but I hope you like this new feature as I am sure it will be back and next time I will take pictures. It was the end of a VERY long day and I just had a brain fart and forgot my camera till it was to late.

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