Wednesday, November 5, 2008

trying something new

I often make suckers or candy, both hard and chocolate, but I never found the right coloring to decorate before. It is a different type of food coloring then regular gel like for baking needs. This is my first attempt at making it multicolor and no it's not the greatest but practice candy is still delish. I also learned I need to whack it on the counter harder and more when it is colored, that surprised me as I didn't think it would change the consistency. It had holes in it after it set and I demolded them and I normally don't have that problem. I did whack them several times but I guess that needs more work too. :) Oh well I enjoy a challenge so onward I go.....

to make chocolate candy

melt 1/2 you chocolate after it is smooth add the rest of your chocolate. That will temper your chocolate so the color will not"bloom" or go grey which doesn't change the taste but looks unappealing.

put it in your molds - if you want some color add the details and then pour chocolate over the top carefully so you don't smudge your design. Notice on mine that I was to aggressive on a few of them and they smudged. :( After you fill your molds tap them firmly on the counter as you don't want any bubbles because after it sets they will still be there if you don't get them out.

after tapping the bubbles out stick them in the freezer for a few minutes to set them rapidly it should only take about 5 minutes.

there you go you have yummy candy to enjoy and you can customize them to your needs;

thank you

baby shower

bake sales

company coming

fall celebrations

and the list of times they can come in handy keeps going on..................

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