Saturday, October 25, 2008

a bread bowl full of history

I am out of town at my mother's house helping her get ready for winter. Bringing in plants and the like so all is ready for a cold snap. While here I have been lusting after my grandmother's bread bowl, the huge one. Now that mother uses a walker and is getting her hips replaced she has no need for a 30 lb bowl -I am serious it is huge! So I ever so kindly stole it as I want it sooooo bad I assumed that she wouldn't mind, and in fact she seemed relived so hip hip hurray I now have a huge bowl for baking. I will post a picture come Monday as it is very old and I will simply add it to this post. Now I will have to share my yummy sourdough recipe but it is not quite ready as it seems to need some work.

Have a great weekend

*I added the pic and my nail bitten thumb is in it just to show how huge it is(the bowl not my thumb) I should have used a measuring stick as it is nearly a foot high and over a foot wide but oddly now that I look at the picture it looks smaller then it is.

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