Monday, October 20, 2008

A Perfect Sunday or another title could be Meandering Story

I am a lucky person. I had a wonderful childhood filled with a lot of love and happy times. My daddy was a very sick man and in fact I spent a lot of my youth in hospitals across America as whenever we traveled daddy would usually get ill. My dad LOVED to travel and would go whenever he wanted. He had renal failure and toward the end of his life I have several funny stories where we were doing his dialysis while driving down the road (they may only be funny to me, some may find them....saddish).
We had some wonderful friends and in fact we often went to visit them on our travels. I was best friends withone special family that had 2 girls (in fact one of them married my brother!) but the other one I fell out of touch with about 8 years ago. We never had a fight we just got busy - she got married had 5 ! kids and got divorced, I married and had 2 kids and life just made it hard to connect. BUT yesterday saw her for the first time in 8 years. We had been talking online for a couple of weeks and finally we saw each other face to face. It had been so long and yet it seemed like yesterday. I think that is the mark of a deep friendship time didn't even matter, it was like we were 17 again and it was amazing!
I wanted to bring a treat for her but was unsure what she loved now so I went with something any kid likes my classic suckers that i have blogged about before.I made grape as I wanted a neutral flavor as all her kids are under the age of ten (!). Next time am making her brownies but really this post is less about tasty treats and more about the wonders of friendship. I hope you don't mind this as I didn't have a recipe attached but I was so happy to have rediscovered a good friend that I figured you wouldn't mind a trip down memory lane.

Tomorrow a recipe shall appear so have a healthy and happy night

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