Friday, October 31, 2008

Ask me about my day.... please?

I am a very law abiding person I never speed and am so careful my sister calls me granny. Today I got pulled over. The policeman said i missed a stop sign. Well it turns out due to a clerical error on my license it was revoked so I was driving without a license! This is a huge problem as I am in the car every single day, taking kids to school and running errands. I am now really screwed for a full month as I can't have my license back until my court date which is nov 25th. I am so mad at myself that this happened. The policeman was really nice and said he wouldn't take me to jail as long as he was sure I wouldn't drive. My FIL drove my car so he let me go. The policeman was very nice so that was a huge relief as it could have been really bad. I am sure my sis the lawyer is gonna call me and see what i did to screw up (sorry sis) but it truly was simply a mistake. I feel better now so you can go. I am wayy to nauseous to make a yummy dinner so check tomorrow I may be better then.

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