Tuesday, October 14, 2008

OK so it turned out fine

Well after my whining yesterday I was think of throwing in the towel but I went ahead a cooked the chicken, which smelled like fajitas so i threw in some onion sliced thin and some yellow and red sliced peppers and boom fajita Nachos! They were delish- I love it when a good thing come out of blah kinda day. I put them on top of corn tortilla chips with a mexi mix of cheese and easy peasy done. For Hubby's I made a bed of Spanish rice and threw the rest on top instead of making nachos. Both were really good.

2 Chicken breasts marinated in fajita seasoning cut into bite size pieces

1 sm onion sliced thin

1/4 yellow pepper

1/4 red pepper

2 Tablespoon oil

Heat oil and cook chicken breast almost through

remove chicken and put on plate

add your onion and peppers stir quickly to get the oil and leftover seasoning from the bottom of the pan. Cook until the onion is soft and sweet, add chicken back in and toss to reheat and mix all ingredients.

put on a bed of rice or on put some chips on a plate add a layer of cheese and then a layer of chicken with the veggies- they should melt your cheese. Serve with salsa and some sour cream.

ahhhh, easy and quick start to finish about 25 min.

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