Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ice Cream Cone shaped cupcakes!

I was sooooooo excited to get my silicone ice cream cone shaped cupcakes. I wanted to use a sturdy cake as if i was cut designing a cake so i used a pound cake recipe but......

umm it doesn't have nearly the definition I expected from looking at the pan. I didn't even bother to frost them but imagine that it has a swirl of creamy frosting looking like soft serve ice cream. In theory it is delish but i am going to have to tinker around as the cake recipe was HORRID! I adore and use it a lot and this is my first recipe that I hated. The recipe calls for 6 oz yogurt and I used homemade yogurt so maybe that was what made it off but I generally have no issues so...... But to tell you had bad it was the next day it tasted like i used dish soap as a main component! I took one bite and spit it out :( Oh that is bad as I eat anything.
I will show them again when they are edible but I keep the hope that this will be perfect for next summer entertaining the (huge amount of) family coming for the summer.

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