Monday, October 13, 2008

What to cook tonight?

Uh Uh, we have a problem. It is 5 pm the hubby will be home in 10 min and dinner is no where near ready. That is because I have no idea what to cook. I am so busy this week, I am designing a website for ordering cookies and treats for home delivery and it is sucking all my creative juices. I notice as I wander the Internet daily it seems to be in the air this month as I am not the only one in this quandry. I can't even order pizza as that is the plan for tomorrow so....... I love my butcher shop as they cut and marinate chicken breasts in yummy flavors. I have a tequila lime marinated chicken breast in my fridge so thanks to my butcher man at least i have a starting point. Today this is a blog about nothing but the fact it is about nothing :) man, that is a sad sentence but thanks for your listening at least I have a place to start! I will be back tomorrow with something great - I hope. :)
Have a great night and I hope that you have a yummy dinner at your house.

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