Tuesday, October 7, 2008

carmel apples with no apples or carmel

Ok, so maybe I need to think of a better name.... rice krispie treat on a stick dipped in chocolate. It is exactly what it sounds like I had a box of cereal laying around and so I decided to use it up.

Regular Rice Crispe treat recipe

6 c of rice krisp
4 c marshmallow
3 T butter

Melt butter and add the marshmallow and stir to melt, add the krispe cereal and let sit for a minute. Use a piece of wax paper and lay out on a cookie sheet. Spray your hands with cooking spray( to prevent sticking) and shape the rice krispie treats into a smallish ball shape. After you shape it put the stick in and make sure the ball is tight around the stick. just sit it on the wax paper till the next step.
Make a chocolate to glaze the bottom half of the treat;
6 oz semi sweet chocolate
3 oz dark chocolate (I use 60%)
melt the semi sweet first and after it has almost completely melted stir to completely smooth it out then add the dark chocolate and stir to melt it in, this will temper your chocolate so it will stay a nice color and glossiness

After you have the chocolate warm and melted dip the rice krispie treat into the chocolate using a spoon to help you smooth it up the sides halfway and then set it back on the wax paper. after you dip all the rice krispies just stick it in the freezer for about 3 minutes. it will set the chocolate faster. If you want to put sprinkles on do it before you pop them in the freezer.
BTW the light color is butterscotch using butterscotch chips instead of chocolate

This is a super sweet treat and really fun for kids to do as well.

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